'Activity on Referral' is a county wide scheme whereby GP's and Health Professionals can refer physically inactive people onto a tailor-made exercise programme to assist and support them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Activity on Referral is a countywide scheme which combines a personalised exercise programme and a discounted gym membership to help you feeling good again

Who is Activity on Referral for?

  • Over 16 years old

  • Inactive

  • Suffering from a medical condition that would benefit from a programme of exercise, (See list below)

    If you would like to join the scheme and believe you are eligible then please contact your GP or Practice Nurse and ask about being referred onto the programme.


Additional Benefits of
Activity on Referral

Did you know that regular exercise can go a long way to reducing the risk factors associated with a range of health problems.

There is now compelling evidence that physical activity is important for everyone’s health. Improving your health through exercise is the main aim of the AoR scheme and the benefits are substantial.

How much is Activity on Referral 
at Brooke Weston Fitness?


At Brooke Weston Fitness, we believe we offer the
Best Value Activity on Referral Scheme in Northamptonshire.

Other providers of the scheme often offer you a 1/2 price gym membership for the first 3 months, and then after 3 months, you go up to full price...

...not at Brooke Weston Fitness

We don't expect you to pay more after 3 months, we want you to continue with your health and fitness journey for life... therefore, you will receive the concessionary price... for life!


Pay As You Go

Pay Monthly 


36% or £2.00
Cheaper than our normal price


46% or £13.00 a month
Cheaper than our normal price

Includes Unlimited Gym & Studio Classes
(providing it's not contraindicating your condition)

Gym or Studio Class Per Session

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