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22 Dec 2015

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August 14, 2016

If you want to lose body fat, gain confidence, increase bone density and look amazing, you have to lift weights. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Yoga, Pilates, running and other forms of cardio all have their own benefits. Body comp...

August 11, 2016

Circuits is a high intensity workout where you perform multiple exercises back to back for time or reps. The exercises are referred to as stations and the idea is to quickly move from one station to the next, pushing yourself as hard as you can at each one. Circuits wi...

August 9, 2016

Warming up and cooling down is an essential part of any exercise session. Whilst time spent warming up and cooling down may seem like time that could be better spent actually exercising, here at Brooke Weston Fitness we believe that this is certainly not the case.


July 26, 2016

There’s a vast amount of training methods out there and we all have the ability to find out whatever information we want on the internet. 90% of gyms will have a knowledgeable instructor or trainer on site to give you advice, and yet I still see a majority of people jo...

July 5, 2016

Bring your Friends for Free on Fridays!

Starting this Friday and then subsequently on the last Friday of every month, you can bring a Friend with you to Brooke Weston Fitness for FREE! 

*Offer only applies to members paying by Direct Debit, is for gym use only (Stu...

April 5, 2016

Everyone will have a different view on supplements, some will love them, some will hate them and others will remain indifferent about them. Even personal trainers discuss the pros, cons and personal preferences of gym supplements. 


For the most part I don’t agree...

April 3, 2016

We would like to introduce you to Powerhoop! We cannot believe how successful this class has been and the fact our members absolutely love it, is a credit to our lead instructor Donna Ahearn! 

Don't be fooled into thinking this class is just about spinning a hoop...

April 1, 2016

You know water is good for you and that dehydration is bad. Beyond that, however, the topic of hydration leaves people with more questions than answers. Luckily, here at Brooke Weston Fitness we’re ready to quench your thirst for the truth about water and hydration.



March 22, 2016

Zumba is one of the most famous dance-fit classes in the world and I believe that we have the best Zumba instructor around. Hollie's classes are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to whip you up into a sweat! Her classes give you a complete body workout, all don...

March 20, 2016


A lot of members join a gym and spend up to 2 hours pounding away, bored, on the treadmill or cross trainer and wonder why they don't have that perfectly toned body that they see in the magazines. I would say, train smarter!


I guarantee that you will get better result...

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