Personal Training with Lewis Jackson

December 22, 2015

A 30 min Workout for everyone to try.


Follow the video instruction and work your way to a Stronger and more defined physique.


What you need:


1) Stop watch

2) TRX suspension or similar

3) A Little Motivation


If you've clicked on this post and watched the whole video, chances are your looking for a little extra motivation, your thinking about the option of Personal Training, and on the right day your willing to push your bodies limits to reach your fitness goals. Well, all of this is good news.


Test your self out right NOW, theres know time like the pressent.


30 min A-M-R-A-P (as many rounds as possible) workout below:

To be completed in this order.


10 -        TRX Crunch

10 -        TRX Oblique Twist

10 -        Air Squats

10 -        TRX Transversus Roll out

60 sec - Windmill toe taps Repeat!



Good Luck Guys and Girls have fun.

Please leave your feed back on this post and via our facebook page when you've completed this 30 min Workout.


Lewis Jackson - Personal Trainer - Brooke Weston Fitness








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Personal Training with Lewis Jackson

December 22, 2015

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