What to Eat Before Training

December 22, 2015

In my experience as a personal trainer, I hear so many members saying 'I haven't eat anything today' or 'I feel weak in the gym today'... 9 times out of 10 this is because they haven't prepared nutritionally for the exercise they are about to undertake. I know it may be tempting to skip this meal, especially if you are trying to lose weight, therefor on a calorie deficit diet, but it's a big mistake! So what should you eat and when?

The best foods to eat within an hour before training are:


Bananas - They are full of potassium which helps maintain muscle and nerve function. If you combine it with some natural yoghurt approximately 30 minutes before your workout, you will have all the carbohydrates you need plus some additional protein.


Wholegrain Bread: A slice of wholegrain bread is a good source of carbohydrates before you train. If you add some simple sugars such as some jam or honey about 45 mins before, you will have a nice combination of fast and slower releasing carbohydrates to train with. If you need some additional protein, maybe have 2 eggs on toast instead!


Oats: Oats are full of fiber so will provide a slow release of carbohydrates for your training session. Try and eat about 1 cup full about 30 minutes before training and you should feel great for your entire session. If you need that additional protein again, add some whey protein with your oats for a nice blend of carbs and protein.

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