What is Circuit Training? What is it like at Brooke Weston Fitness?

August 11, 2016



Circuits is a high intensity workout where you perform multiple exercises back to back for time or reps. The exercises are referred to as stations and the idea is to quickly move from one station to the next, pushing yourself as hard as you can at each one. Circuits will usually be a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises and can work all of the major muscle groups. Circuits can cater to all fitness levels as you push yourself as hard as you feel you can and most exercises can be modified.



What will circuits do for me?


Circuits will:

  • Burn fat

  • Improve strength

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Improve muscular endurance

  • Condition your metabolism to work more efficiently

  • Strengthen core muscles


    If you’re looking to add variety to a workout, try something new and work up an amazing sweat in a fun and energetic class, then try Circuits at Brooke Weston Fitness for FREE today.

    (FREE CLASS OFFER is available to non members and members at Brooke Weston that are on a gym only membership. 1 x free circuits class only)

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